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Hi...I'm not a 'terrorist' but you could call me an extremist. My interests include dental niche marketing development, writing books, and I also act as an advocate for change in the dental profession. Woody Oakes probably nails it when says 'the guy that bought John Lennon's Tooth for $30,000.' 

Some of the fun things that I have helped develop include applications in the following:

As an example we recently produced a CD to help show dentists how to use CD's in marketing. I have a number of books in print (including one mentioned in The New York Times and another co-authored that has hit several Best Seller lists) and a kid's book called 'Teeth Shouldn't Hurt'. I offer marketing advice to individual clients on an area exclusive basis for zillions of dollars per hour. Many of the websites above have free e-reports to offer a taste of the area exclusive programs. Membership fees apply and the dentist needs to have some cash ready to invest on a local level, so these are are for dentists who are barely making rent. 

One simple marketing tip is every smart dentist needs a book:

Here's a top performing dentist  (link) that agrees with this technique.

Did You Know?

One of Dr. Zuk's banned books led to his participation in this UNDERCOVER DENTIST INVESTIGATION on national television: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2012/10/money-where-your-mouth-is.html

Dr. Zuk contributes to a blog for Dental Tribune International: http://zuk.dti-online.info/

The dentist is working on a book to help dentists avoid malpractice.


Visit the bookstore and check out the assorted books on his favorite topics or visit the websites above (see book sample below and others on this website): LINK

 Yar can be reached by fax at (403) 342-0481 or email: drz@bowerdental.com.

"I may or may not make money from the marketing suggestions that are provided, in general any service that is bragged about is something I use myself and simply do not recommend in order to get a kickback. If companies want to pay me to recommend them I usually tell them to offer members of marketing programs a discount instead. Otherwise if a fee is paid it has always gone back into the marketing development pot, but some day I will need to take what I deserve!" - Y.

Mouth Cancer Awareness Project with John Lennon's Tooth & the UK Marketing Pirates - Great job folks!
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